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Bulk Grain – Nonna Ulia


Bulk Grain Carrier – Nonna Ulia – Fillipino Crew  – in Port this week, discharging Grain for Moyglare.

India is in Port.

Emstal is in Port

Elbtrader is in Port.

Arx is in Port.

Woolly Hat Day…

 Seafarers Woolly Hat Day –  Friday October 24th  2014.

Seafarers are always grateful to receive Woolly Hats – Yes the plain woolly hat is ideal and the plain colours are preferred.

We are always pleased to distribute them and at this time of year we can’t have too many.

Would you like to make or buy a plain woolly hat for a Seafarer.

Send your donations to Mission to Seafarers,

Branch Road No 3,

Dublin Port.

Dublin 1