Welcome to Flying Angel , Seafarers’ Centre, Alexandra Rd,Dublin Port

Mission to Seafarers 6pp dl v8:Mission to Seafarers 6pp dlThis is our Information Leaflet :

Correction:  IVitta 2.0 Sims and TopUps are $10 or €9 each.




This Leaflet is our main communications tool to Seafarers when they arrive in Dublin Port.

The Ships Visitor distributes this information.

Shipping Agents also inform Crew and often the Dublin Port Pilot will be the first to pass on the good news about the services of the Flying Angel Centre.

The Centre is Open Monday to Friday 1.30pm to 4.30 pm


Every Evening from 7pm to 9pm.

Telephone: 01 8366672

WiFi Password:  24/7  –  FlyingAngel4

The outer lobby is available out of Opening Hours by pressing the button on the small gate. Port Security will give the Seafarer the Code to enter. The lobby has 24/7 WiFi – Coffee Machine and WC.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Flying Angel , Seafarers’ Centre, Alexandra Rd,Dublin Port”

  1. Keep up the great work! A little known charity that makes a huge difference to people who are separated from their families for many months.

  2. We rely on the co-operation of Dublin Port Operations Centre and Security Personnel and we are very grateful for this tangible support .

    Seafarers are delighted when they can access the Lobby and WiFi out of hours.

    Thank You

    Mission to Seafarers.

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